14 ביולי 2014 20:10 / סימון אהבתי אחד

Time Has Come

After watching 300: Rise of an Empire [which..was SUCK a bit]
I saw the credits scene…
which..was AMAZING.

And I felt like I had to do something like that! such a great animation!

So that's for the work,

the title "time has come" came up because I'm getting through days that I have to prove myself.
to show the world what I'm capable of... my time to rise!
can't stop and go back..

So, that's for the work.

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ה"Time Has Come" ובכללי גם העבודה מזכירים לי את Warcraft 3

וואי באמת מזכיר וורקראפט.. ניר יא שפיץ..